By discussing and defining our needs and wants, I can sketch a variety of iterations of the garden that is not only beautiful, but relevant to your lifestyle. This quick rendering allows us to evaluate the nuances of the choices we are making for the garden layout. It from those sketches we get some preliminary costs and decide if we want to limit the project, meet again for more design sessions, or run with the ideas and start construction.  In some cases we have completed the hardscape layout and depending on your needs for my consultation, we can also direct our meeting towards plants design, furniture layout, paint colors, horticultural advice, lighting, organizing, irrigation, drainage, etc.

At our Sketch/Design meeting, we will walk through your property together, and discuss your vision for a dream garden.  To fully understand your goals, I will ask you a series of questions:

  1. Describe you Entertainment needs: Numbers of guests?  Time of the day?  Ages of the kids?  Any animals?  Weekdays vs. Weekends? etc.

  2. Style or Type of Garden you are most drawn too: Modern, Traditional, Spanish Mediterranean, Japanese, Native, Veggie Garden, Flower Cutting, Strolling, Orchid Collector, etc. 

  3. Toys you want to include: Swimming Pool and Spa, Dart Board, Greenhouse, Recreation Room, Cabana, Fire pit, Overhang, Giant TV, Herb Garden, etc.

  4. Garden Spaces that you are most drawn to spend time in.  When we spend time in a garden we generally choose a similar space, no matter where we are in the world.  For example: a person who loves to read in the shade and look into the sunny garden, near water will look for a similar spot where ever they go.  So it is important to identify and create a space that is most comfortable for you to relish time spent in your garden. 

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